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IDEC CONTROL PRODUCT from IDEC Page 104 of 108
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2061. Part #: YS9Z-KIF411346-A
Description: WIRE FOR 32F/38F

2062. Part #: YS9Z-KIF411347-A
Description: WIRE FOR 40F/50F/65F

2063. Part #: YS9Z-KIF411348-A
Description: WIRE FOR 80F/100F/125F

2064. Part #: YS9Z-KIF411588-A
Description: WIRE FOR 150F

2065. Part #: YS9Z-KIF411588-B
Description: WIRE FOR 180 F

2066. Part #: YS9Z-KIF411590-A
Description: WIRE FOR 220F/300F

2067. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70461-A024
Description: 24VAC COIL FOR 9F/12F

2068. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70461-A110
Description: 110VAC COIL FOR 9F/12F

2069. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70461-A120
Description: 120VAC COIL FOR 9F/12F

2070. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70461-A230
Description: 230VAC COIL FOR 9F/12F

2071. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70461-A240
Description: 240VAC COIL FOR 9F/12F

2072. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70461-A415
Description: 415VAC COIL FOR 9F/12F

2073. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70461-A480
Description: 480VAC COIL FOR 9F/12F

2074. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70462-A024
Description: 24VAC COIL FOR 20F/25F

2075. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70462-A110
Description: 110VAC COIL FOR 20F/25F

2076. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70462-A120
Description: 120VAC COIL FOR 20F/25F

2077. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70462-A230
Description: 230VAC COIL FOR 20F/25F

2078. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70462-A240
Description: 240VAC COIL FOR 20F/25F

2079. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70462-A415
Description: 415 VAC COIL FOR 20F/25F

2080. Part #: YS9Z-KIL70462-A480
Description: 480VAC COIL FOR 20F/25F